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Bridal Hair

It is essential for the bride to have a trial for their hair as it will ensure that you are happy with how you will look on your wedding day. It also gives you a chance to get know us! Your wedding is such a special day and by inviting us to do your hair we will be a part of your day so it is important that you get to know us a little. It also gives us the chance to get to know you ensuring we provide a professional service tailored to your needs.

We will begin by getting the details of your wedding ensuring that we have the venue and timings.  We will then ask you some questions about your day, colour schemes, how you would like to look etc. Once we have got to know you and your wedding we will then begin the pre-trial, testing out different looks and styles until you are 100% happy. We will then take photographs to capture your wedding day hair look and make any notes that we will need to re-create your look on your wedding day. In addition the trial will make sure that you have no allergies or sensitivities to the products used. On the trial we will collect as much information as possible about you, the timings and your special requirements so that on the day everything will run smoothly so you can relax knowing that you are in safe hands.

Before the consultation it is important that you collect as many ideas for hair as you can, these can be as varied as you like as we will begin the consultation by sitting down and going through details of your wedding and ideas for your perfect wedding hair. You should ideally know if you will be wearing a veil and/or tiara (or any other hair adornments including extensions or hair pieces). Once we have got to know each other a little better and have got an idea of your wedding hair ideas, we will begin to trial different hair styles designed just for you based on your vision.

The trial will last around two hours depending on how quickly we discover your perfect wedding hair style! Once found we will take plenty of photographs of your hair and make any notes needed so that it can be recreated on your special day.