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SP.The science of personalised hair care

Now you can experience a truly personalised hair care regime at home with the all new SP at home product range.

During your hair care consultation work with your stylist to identify the optimum at regime for your hair needs and wants.


Demand sophisti-caring stylers Hair’s must have solutions in essential treatment-stylers.Specially created to be kind to hair. Cool to style. Inspired by fashion’s luxuriously natural fabrics. Cashmere-light. Silky-smooth to the touch. Ultra-nourished hair craving to be caressed stays effortlessly in the flow.

Form Demand sculpt-astic stylers our dimension of transformation.fierce-stylers stretch the imagination in holding-moulding-sculpting. Inspired by fashion’s ability to layer on the attitude. Whatever the style, Hair’s now designed to stay true to fearless form.

Flaunt Demand shine- sational stylers hair’s wow-factor formulations to shine like there’s no tomorrow. Designed to up the glam factor with a disco kick. Inspired by fashion’s obsession with out-shining the light after dark. Super-dressed hair that loves to bask in high hair-fashion glory is now flawlessly styled to flaunt.

Foundation Demand excel-ent care the root of all style, boosting hair back to life. Shampoos ooze clean. Conditioners richly pamper.  Inspired by fashion’s pure desire to pare style to the max. Ravishing results build nothing less than a fearless foundation.

In Salon Services Demand fierce-star treatment the latest in-salon services. Perfectly customized treatments for hair desiring expert attention. Volumizers and texturizers activate highly-specialized lift. Shine-boosters and colorizers maximize the light. Hair is treated to the ultimate finish.

The #1 Selling salon Brand For Thicker, Fuller Looking Hair

THINNING HAIR IS A BROAD CONCERN AFFECTING 50% OF MALE AND FEMALE SALON CLIENTS. Did you know that thinning hair can now be managed, so you can enjoy thicker, fuller, denser-looking hair? Many answers on the market are either drug-based or serve to camouflage the condition. NIOXIN’S holistic approach to thinning hair is a very different approach that does not aim to regrow hair or camouflage the issue. NIOXIN’S innovative skincare-inspired technology deliverer’s thicker, denser looking hair without side-effects. THREE SIGNS OF HAIR THINNING The natural hair growth cycle can be disrupted by a variety of factors. Thinning hair is due to:

  1. Fewer hair strands
  2. Finer hair strands
  3. Unhealthy scalp environment

Whatever the factors underlying your hair thinning, NIOXIN has the expertise to address your issue with an individually tailored treatment.


Renewing shampoo

  • Sulfate free shampoo that renews the moisture of the hair, preserving and nourishing it from root to tip
  • Luxurious foaming experience

  Lightweight Renewing Conditioner

  • Lightweight paraben free conditioner that strengthens each hair fibre from within, helping repair and preserve hair’s natural vitality.
  • Fine textured gel.

Renewing Mask.

  • Paraben free repairing mask that intensively restores and preserves the natural inner structure and strength of the hair.
  • Extra lightweight cream.

Conditioning Leave in spray

  • Paraben free leave in dual-phase spray that cares and protects hair from day to day stress and gives a gentle hold.
  • Lightweight detangling mist.



Indulge your clients with spa care treatments services. Volume Renewal for fine Hair

Step 1+3 The Combination of the shampoo and dual-phase spray protects the hair with as shield of power antioxidants and adds volume to the hair during blowdrying. Intense Renewal

Step 1+2 (mask and the option of added heat with climazon/hot towel+3 The shampoo, mask and dual-phase spray intensively renew hair vitality inside out. The addition of heat helps with deeper penetration of the mask.  

Express renewal Step 1+2 (conditioner) +3 The shampoo, conditioner and dual- phase spray is an ideal alternative for clients in a hurry.  


  • Wet hair with warm water and apply Wella professionals Elements shampoo.
  • Perform the shampoo massage.
  • Rinse with warm water and towel dry.


  • Apply the Wella professionals Elements mask or conditioner for the intense / express service to towel dried hair.
  • For the mask place the client under a climazon millennium or cover the hair with a warm, damp towel and develop for 5-10 minutes.
  • Perform the treatment massage.
  • Rinse well and towel dry.


  • Leave in spray
  • Apply the leave-in dual-phase spray evenly on towel-dried hair.
  • Style as desired